A number of SMEs were chosen to participate in a two day Boot camp – Business Building Workshop facilitated by ActionCOACH’s Certified Business COACH Marcia Woon Choy for the Project  “Institutional Strengthening of NCB for the Expansion of Small Business Financing”.  The Boot camp was financed by NCB and the Inter-American Development Bank/Multilateral Investment Fund.

The intense but fun filled workshop looked at why so many businesses end up running their owners instead of it being the other way around! The workshop was designed to encourage businesses to become more productive, innovative and competitive. During this workshop SMEs discovered ways to work smarter so that they can work less, while at the same time earning more.  Furthermore, SMEs delved into ways to increase leads; improve sales conversion rates; get customers buying from again and again and increase profit margins and cash flow.

The curriculum also focused on team-building, setting companies  vision, mission and culture as well as planning and goal-setting strategies that are designed for immediate impact.

Testimonials of the NCB Business RICH Workshop facilitated by ActionCOACH

 Orville Christie – Boldeck Jamaica
Great!! Must Attend!!

Antonnette Reid – Boldeck Jamaica
The workshop was very informative, practical, encouraging.

Cecelia Bell – CeFyah Marketing
This is definitely a workshop that will help you to focus on what is crucial for your business growth and development.

Carla Lobban – Chemicals & Supplies Options Ltd
It’s a must. You need to expose yourself/organisation to it.

Renee Stewart – Chic Hair Studio
Any SME owner/operator can benefit from this session. The content is relaible, and presented in a fashion that is easily understood.

Daphne Pinnock – Cuisine Management Services Ltd.
This course is a must if you need help going forward.

Selvyn Green – Don Juan Enterprises
Motivating, insightful, purposeful & very good investment for all business owners.

Melarka Williams – Ingenuity Technologies Ltd.
It is very motivational.

Anissa Holmes – Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services
It is invaluable when someone helps you to learn what you don’t know.

Kerrieanne Gray  – Konnexx Services Ltd.
It is an eye-opener. Do not think you know it all. Extremely informative, best I’ve ever been.

John-Mark Clayton – Konnexx Services Ltd.
That it is a great workshop to be a part of and we should continue to see the services of ActionCOACH.

Nayana Williams – Lifespan Co. Ltd.
Coaching is a Must!

Devon Williams – Lifespan Co. Ltd.
Request a coach for alignment.

Norman Dunn – Medpro Jamaica Ltd.
A must to take. Re-awakening.

Arlene Wilson – Mona Graphic Printers Co. Ltd.
Go to the workshop to rejuvenate yourself, to remember why you started the business. You will want to go to the next level.

Carlton Cowell – One Stop Computers Ltd.
Just do it. It will save your business. You will benefit more than you expected.

Denese Palmer – Southside Distributors Ltd.
Absolutely the way forward if you want to grow your business or better yet move to the next level.

Pat Wisdom – The Ocho Rios Card Centre Ltd.
That it is a wonderful workshop that will change the way they operate their business for the better.

Alanzo Bernard – Trelawny Yams Limited
Highly recommended very informative. I never realised how blind I was until this workshop.