Therese Turner  Jones


Therese Turner Jones, Country Representative in Jamaica

Topic:Welcome and Overview of the Conference Agenda




Audrey Tugwell Henry (new)


Audrey Tugwell Henry, Senior General Manager, Retail Banking Division, NCB

Topic: Welcome and Overview of the Conference Agenda



Alicia Lyttle


Alicia Lyttle, CEO at Monetized Marketing

Opening Keynote Speaker: Small but Social – How Small Businesses Can Win with Social Media



Brian Pengelley_headshot


Brian Pengelley, President of JMA

Topic:Doing Business with Large Companies





Donald Gary, President, Rubis Energy Jamaica Limited

Topic: Doing Business with Large Companies




   Paul Lewis


Paul Lewis, Director of BnRs Holdings Limited

Topic: Expanding business beyond our borders



 Idelle Brown


Idelle Brown, Managing Director, Belle Tropicals Limited

Topic:Expanding business beyond our borders.



 Silburn Clarke


Silburn Clarke, Chairman/CEO, Spatial Innovision Limited.

Topic: Expanding business beyond our borders.




Lisandra Rickards, Entrepreneur Development Trainer, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Topic: The “Capital Quest”


Khary Robinson


Khary Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner of Norbrook Caribbean Investment Company.

Topic:The “Capital Quest”



Herbert Hall


Herbert Hall, Manager Corporate Solutions Unit, NCB Capital Markets

Topic:The “Capital Quest”




E. Galbraith


Edison Galbraith, General Manager, Loan Origination and Portfolio Management, at the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)




 David martin

David Martin, General Manager – Jamaica Producers Group

Topic:Efficiency and Effectiveness – the Key to Survival in a Tough Economy



francis wade


Francis Wade, President and CEO of Framework Consulting Inc.

Topic:Efficiency and Effectiveness – the Key to Survival in a Tough Economy



Sandra Glasgow


Sandra Glasgow

Topic: Good Governance Equals Growth Potential




Yoni Epstein


Yoni Epstein, CEO at Island Outsourcers and Chairman of the Business Processing Industry Association of Jamaica

Topic: Small Business Steps, Big Leaps



Marlon Cooper


Marlon Cooper, Managing Director, Symptai Consulting Ltd

Topic:Small Business Steps, Large Leaps




 Andrew Pairman


Andrew Pairman, CEO of Anbell

Topic: Technology – the Great Enabler



 Stephen Miller


Stephen Miller, Brand Ambassador, Lenovo

Topic: Technology – the Great Enabler



 Aggrey Irons


Aggrey Benjamin Irons,Consultant practising in the areas of:  Adult Psychiatry, Childhood & Adolescent Psychiatry, Sports Medicine and Organizational Behaviour

Topic: Embracing Opportunities