LIME is the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications company. We stand on a single principle. A promise that we’ll use our international credentials to bring the best technologies to the region and build products and services that make Caribbean people’s lives better; and a promise that we’ll deliver the best service and the best communication solutions across the board through a variety of services including landline, internet, mobile and entertainment.

LIME has showcased its ability to adopt to change; always keeping up with the latest trend in technology.

Fulfilling its promise to build, connect and serve our communities. LIME spends millions in assisting with recovery efforts during times of national emergency, social development via education, sponsoring programmes geared toward increasing access to the internet for less fortunate children.

LIME also invests in Entertainment events including carnivals, which celebrate culture, music, dance and ‘Caribbeanness’.

As a company committed to nation building with over 1000 employees, LIME is always aiming to serve its customers better.

Our mission – to understand and deliver to our governments, businesses and families

Our vision – always working to improve life in the Caribbean

Our promise – building, connecting and serving our communities