Lifespan Company Limited

Lifespan Company Limited is a privately held company located in Portland, Jamaica and engaged in the manufacturing of Bottled Spring Water. Lifespan has been in existence since January 2005. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of Quality Bottled Spring Water in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Lifespan is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of Bottled Spring Water, and most recently co-packing services. Lifespan Company Limited is committed to being the supplier of a superior and health enhancing product of the highest quality for all its customers through quality controls in production, while providing excellent customer service, enhancing its harmony with nature and the environment, and providing value to its employees, shareholders, and contractors.

No other bottled water company in Jamaica has the advantages that Lifespan has; the alkalinity of the water, the continuous, consistent flow of the spring; The location of the source and factory and the land space. To really compete effectively in this market requires large volume production which is a struggle for most bottled water companies in Jamaica, as most does not have the ideal equipped facility to meet the demand, however Lifespan has the right product, the source and land space to achieve its full potential.